Building vs Buying

Does it make business sense to build your own internal radio studio communication system instead of just paying the monthly fee for a service?

We'd say not! But surely that's because we are a radio studio communication business right? Well, that may be true, but do the numbers really stack up?

We've compared the costs associated with building a platform like ours, or even purchasing 3-4 other services separately for your own station...

If you don't build it...
Annual cost of SMS Management System
(Twilio SMS Pricing / 10,000 messages)
Annual cost of Social Media Management System
(HootSuite Professional)
Annual cost of Now Playing Auto Posting System
Once off cost of Show Scheduling Wordpress Plugin
$683.16 3rd Party Annual Cost
$240 Broadcast Launch Annual Cost
If you decide to build it...
Employees Required
Average Employee Salary (USD)
Weeks To Build
Days Per Month For Maintenance
$0 Cost To Build
$0 Annual Maintenance Cost
$240 Broadcast Launch Annual Cost

Broadcast Launch will save your station some serious dough.

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