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Broadcast Launch bridges the communication gap between your listeners and presenters.

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Powerful Dashboard

Take control of your stations communication flow via the Dashboard. Manage and configure all aspects of your station's communication workflow.

  • Professional and easy-to-use interface
  • Setup and configuration takes less than 10 minutes
  • Configure your SMS, Email, Social Media and Show Scheduling
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
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Studio Panel

Central Studio Control

Your all-in-one communication studio panel, ready for the studio. Incoming SMS messages, emails, social media posts and more displayed in real time.

  • Drag-and-drop user interface
  • 10+ fully customizable blocks
  • Live communication feeds
  • Presenter and show timing reminders
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More Features

SMS Messaging

Rent unlimited SMS numbers from over 15+ countries and receive/reply to SMS messages from your listeners in real time.

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Phone System

Rent unlimited phone numbers from over 15+ countries and receive/make/record phone calls via your web browser.

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Facebook Integration

Pull statuses, wall posts and messages from your station's Facebook page into Broadcast Launch.

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Twitter Integration

Pull tweets, mentions and messages from your station's Twitter account into Broadcast Launch.

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Show Scheduling

Create beautiful show schedules, add unlimited shows and export or embed them on your website.

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Email Handling

Receive emails from your studio inbox directly into Broadcast Launch.

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We Help You Communicate Better

Broadcast Launch brings vital listener communication methods together into a single feed along with show scheduling, presenter management and much more.

Control every aspect of your station via the easy to use Dashboard. From monitoring incoming SMS messages and emails, to Facebook and Twitter posts and everything in between. Create beautiful show schedules, assign presenters and embed them on your website.

Set up a dedicated monitor in-studio to display Studio Panel where you can configure up to six blocks of information including live communication feeds, news, weather, station statictics and much more.

Broadcast Launch Overview

Gone are the days of the in-studio cell phone resting on a piece of foam. Broadcast Launch brings SMS right to our computer screen.

Aleks Matic

Presenter, Guldkanalen 102.6

It's certainly the most easy to use and affordable communication systems for public/community radio. I highly recommend Broadcast Launch to other stations.

Courtney Lee

Communications Director, KCFR-FM

Fits nicely into our small monthly budget and allows us to easily hear what our listeners have to say without any expensive equipment.

Ken Casalena

Station Manager, Gold Oldies Internet Radio
Aleks from Guldkanalen 102.6
Courtney from KCFR-FM
Ken from Atom Radio Oldies