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With Broadcast Launch's Facebook & Twitter integration, you can control your listener interaction via social media directly.

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Social Media Icons

Social networking from the studio, made easy

Configure your Broadcast Launch account to pull Facebook statuses, tagged posts and messages, alongside Twitter posts, mentions and messages. Display them in chronological order in Studio Panel and see new updates in real-time.

  • Simple one-click configuration with your favorite social network
  • Like, comment, re-tweet and interact with each post/message
  • Search all interactions by user across multiple communication channels
Facebook and Twitter Autoposting

Keep your listeners well informed

Auto-post now playing and now on air information to your social media accounts to keep your listeners informed of current shows and songs.

  • One-step stream host integration
  • Pull #NowPlaying info from your stream server (SHOUTcast/Icecast supported)
  • Pull #NowOnAir info from your Broadcast Launch show schedules
  • Automated Facebook and Twitter posting
  • Customizable text, hashtag and link support
Facebook Engagement Statistics

Increase your Facebook Page engagement and message response times

Integrating your station's Facebook Page with Broadcast Launch couldn't be any easier. On average, our client's station's increased their engagement on their Facebook Page by almost 200%.

It's all due to the instant presence within the studio. Presenters attention is drawn to any new Facebook posts or messages which makes them more inclined to interact or reply on the spot.

This also results in an average message response time of under a minute on average for station's that use Broadcast Launch.

Twitter Engagement Statistics

Interact with your Twitter followers to increase station awareness

42% of Twitter users learn about new stations via Twitter compared to any other medium (Tom Webster, Edison Research). So why not interact with your Twitter followers directly from the studio?

More stations are beginning to interact with their listeners via social channels via Twitter. Broadcast Launch brings instant Twitter updates to your studio in real time allowing you to capture your listeners attention instantly.

Gone are the days of the in-studio cell phone resting on a piece of foam. Broadcast Launch brings SMS right to our computer screen.

Aleks Matic

Presenter, Guldkanalen 102.6

It's certainly the most easy to use and affordable communication systems for public/community radio. I highly recommend Broadcast Launch to other stations.

Courtney Lee

Communications Director, KCFR-FM

Fits nicely into our small monthly budget and allows us to easily hear what our listeners have to say without any expensive equipment.

Ken Casalena

Station Manager, Gold Oldies Internet Radio
Aleks from Guldkanalen 102.6
Courtney from KCFR-FM
Ken from Atom Radio Oldies