Everything in real time, on one screen

Studio Panel can easily be displayed in your radio studio. No complicated installations or software as it lives in your web browser.

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Sticky Block in Studio Panel

Keep relevant communications in-view, or just go slow

Found a winner to your competition? Got a highly relevant SMS message to the topic you just discussed?

Simply drag and drop any communication item (SMS, Email, Social Media) to the sticky block for safe keeping.

Alternatively you can pause any live feed to catch up whilst you're on-air.

Blocks in Studio Panel

10+ content, feed and productivity blocks to choose from

You can display more than just communication feeds in Studio Panel. Additional blocks may be added including:

  • Communication feed blocks (all-in-one or separate feeds)
  • Notepad/document blocks for on-air notes
  • News/Weather (coming soon)
  • Communication stats and information
  • Tools such as sticky block
100% Browser Based

100% browser based

Studio Panel requires no additional software, hardware or difficult installation. It's 100% browser based which means you can use your favourite up-to-date browser to keep your studio communication under control.

  • Compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge
  • PC or Mac, even Linux or via your Raspberry Pi!
  • Installation consists of navigating to a unique URL, nothing more
Radio Presenter Permissions

Keep your presenters accountable

Visual notifications when shows are ending help to prevent show overlaps and keep your presenters accountable to your schedule.

Advanced permissions can also be enabled for presenters in dedicated usergroups to access certain features in Studio Panel such as replying to SMS messages, social media posts and more.

Gone are the days of the in-studio cell phone resting on a piece of foam. Broadcast Launch brings SMS right to our computer screen.

Aleks Matic

Presenter, Guldkanalen 102.6

It's certainly the most easy to use and affordable communication systems for public/community radio. I highly recommend Broadcast Launch to other stations.

Courtney Lee

Communications Director, KCFR-FM

Fits nicely into our small monthly budget and allows us to easily hear what our listeners have to say without any expensive equipment.

Ken Casalena

Station Manager, Gold Oldies Internet Radio
Aleks from Guldkanalen 102.6
Courtney from KCFR-FM
Ken from Atom Radio Oldies